wall not going up!(sort of)

April 23, 2007

Shows what I know..

NYT about an hour ago:

BAGHDAD (AP) — The American ambassador said Monday the U.S. would ”respect the wishes” of the Iraqi government after the prime minister ordered a halt to construction of a three-mile wall separating a Sunni enclave from surrounding Shiite areas in Baghdad.

Any plan to build ”gated communities” to protect Baghdad neighborhoods from sectarian attacks was in doubt after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said during a visit to Sunni-led Arab countries that he did not want the 12-foot high wall in Azamiyah to be seen as dividing the capital’s sects.

but still..

”We will continue to construct the security barriers in the Azamiyah neighborhood. This is a technical issue,” Brig. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi said. ”Setting up barriers is one thing and building barriers is another. These are moveable barriers than can be removed.”

and the requisite disclaimer:

He said the security plan was important but its main purpose was to ”buy time for what ultimately has to be a set of political understandings among Iraqis.



  1. Oh the wonders of political word choice

  2. The building of wall is a must. It will be the only way to separate the quarrel between these two sects. This will dramatically diminish the problem in Iraq.

    All those who oppose might be the terrorists that want open doors for attacks.


  3. Thanks for the commentDebby. Perhaps you are overestimating what can be accomplished by a 3 mile wall?

    I do share your sentiment that we must do what is necessary to end the violence…



    I just heard, on C-Span, Senator Obama speaking from Martin Luther King’s Church and then, immediately afterward, I heard Karl Rove addressing the Republican National Committee last Wednesday.

    Now keep in mind that both Rove and Obama had a terrible childhood and both were abandoned by their fathers and raised by their lone mothers until these mothers died.

    Yet, Obama spoke of HOPE– not as “false hope”– but ACTION HOPE as realistic hope that drives you to risk everything to join with others to break down the wall of injustice and suffering imprisoning us all. HE DEMANDED THAT, FIRST AND FOREMOST, WE MUST “SEE” EACH OTHER, THAT WE MUST FEEL THE REALITY OF EACH OTHER. He told the story of a campaign worker named Rachel that, in a round-table of volunteers for Obama’s campaign explaining why they were there, she said that she was there because her mother was sick with cancer and at nine years old she sought to convince her parents that she loooovvvveeeddd relish sandwiches because condiments were so much cheaper than meat so that she would not be a burden on her mom. When she heard of Obama’s mom and her fear of no health-care insurance coverage she saw Obama and herself as one. She saw Obama and realized that he saw her!

    In the next video on C-Span, at an RNC Conference, Rove was introduced by an RNC mechanic. That’s the only work those mechanics who make a living delivering the lemmings on election day do; so they work like carnival people, only a few months a year, but make out like bandits. This RNC electoral mechanic introduced Rove, not as an American who understands the suffering of many Americans because he too suffered, but as a fellow alchemist mechanic– no, better still, as an alchemist who could create electoral Gold out of BUSHIT!

    Rove spoke about how the Democrats want to TAKE from those who have and so this election is about PREVENTING the have-nots from taking from the haves. Indeed, Karl Rove, himself once the victim of bad times who made good as an electoral mechanic, was introduced as the gimmick man that could make false hope into true deception.

    This meant a lot to me because I saw both sides of the hill as a refugee for more than a decade, one step ahead of the Communist totalitarianism that had eaten my country. When I came to America we were on Catholic Charities Relief. My dad, a doctor and medschool professor back home, stayed in the Midtown Manhattan Hotel room we lived in killing rats with the back of a spoon. Eventually, he got a job as a collaborator with one of America’s greatest researchers. And so we moved up in the world, to Harlem. There, I noticed, that, unlike the Midtown people who never had time to help out and so if I got lost I would never find my way back to the hotel, the Harlem blacks had PATIENCE….PATIENCE with my poor English….patience with my ignorance about America….patience with my fear of Communism…Patience with my wish to return to the Europe I knew…Patience with my confusion with their color and their ways. They took me in, their kids became my friends and often their daughters became my dates. In those days, if you liked a black girl, it wasn’t like today; FIRST YOU HAD TO PASS THE GATE WITH HER DAD. And even my male friends, when I came to their homes, their parents looked me over head to toe before they smiled and opened their hearts with pity for this lost boy from across the ocean who was sad because he didn’t want to be on this continent but whose father had insisted since way back in East Europe that we had to go to America, the “Paradise of Freedom.” As I got to know my neighbors they began to introduce me to America. Nobody told me about how WHITE AMERICA screws BLACK AMERICA. Instead, they told me that I shouldn’t worry because I was lucky to be in America and if– like them, I HOPED– eventually everything would be alright.

    There was a particular black girl I had met who took me to meet her family. Her dad was a hard man. But he never saw my color, he was too busy trying to figure out my intentions. When he realized that I became as interested in him as in his daughter, he sort of adopted me and showed me his greatest pride: HIS ARMY DISCHARGE PAPERS. This man had fought in Korea and he was very proud of that because, he told me, it was the FIRST WAR IN WHICH BLACK AMERICANS FOUGHT AS *EQUAL* SOLDIERS. This was my “American dad,” for he was the first American to make me HOPE that this America of his would some day make me feel a part of it.

    Things got better and we moved to Queens into our own home. But I would still return to Manhattan for intellectual stimulation. I would attend Friday and weekend philosophic discussion groups at the NY Ethical Culture Society. There I met Communist, and more Communists, and still more Communists. I FELT SURROUNDED BY COMMUNISTS. In my heart there was fear, but there was hope that I could overcome my fear of Communists by debating with them the way I had overcome my fear of Americans by living with black Americans. The Communists too had patience with me. But my parents didn’t. In panic they reported my “subversive activities” to the FBI. They disowned me because they could never understand that I was not getting swallowed by the Communists but was immunizing myself against fear of Communism by trying to understand them. But though a victim of Communism, when I went to college in Mid-West America, I— a refugee from Communism– was denounced as a Communist because I thought them Reds far deeper than the stereotypes muttered by fear-mongering denouncers of “Godless Commies.”

    Eventually I went to the University of California Berkeley, where I walked into a Commie-led student Revolution, headed by all the NY Commies I knew from the NY Ethical Culture Society activities. But they were NOT fighting for Communism. They were fighting for civil rights and for meaningful dialogue– revolutionary ideas in America at that time. But when they got back to Commie causes I fought them by invoking the very meaningful dialogue they had demanded. And I got meaningful dialogue from these Commies, just as they had promised. I had also joined with them in fighting for civil rights….But here I was not alone, for CALIFORNIA CONSERVATIVES FOR POLITICAL ACTION was with them in on both causes. For that reason, upon returning East, I joined Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), Bill Buckley’s young conservatives movement, to fight Communism abroad. I got to be NY and NJ State Chairman so I came to know the American Conservative Movement pretty well from the inside. What I noticed is that, unlike the right and left idealists of the UC Berkley FSM, these were all organization men. They were not there for cause, they were there to insert themselves into a bureaucracy to nowhere a richly endowed by the corporate establishment. These YAFers didn’t seem to care about Goldwater’s hopeless quest and the ideas behind it. All they cared about is climbing as bureaucratic cannibals in their rigid organization to nowhere. They didn’t discuss conservative philosophy, as some others did, or intellectual struggles for freedom, nor even the realities of Communism as a world movement. They only applauded like seals but they never tried to understand what and why they were fighting against. As I tried to discuss the human side of the Viet Cong terror and American firepower in Vietnam as I experienced it, infiltrating both sides, I found little interest in ideology. Instead, making connections and getting ahead of the next guy and campaign position jockeying in the Nixon and Reagan Campaigns was all they ever got excited about. I FOUND THAT YAF– LIKE SDS ON THE LEFT– WAS MADE OF HYPEREMIC ORGANIZATION MEN WHO SOUGHT TO CLIMB THE BUREAUCRACY BY EATING THE MAN ABOVE THEM SITTING ON THEIR HEADS. That’s just like the East European Communist Parties I had known– NO philosophy, NO ideology, NO human hope– just organization and cannibalistic bureaucratism, just as Eric Hofer, then my favorite author, spoke of in his book on “true believers.”

    In 2000 I thought Bush a moral savior from Clinton debauchery. So I called Texas and offered full support. Karl Rove called back and was very nice; but he said that they had written off the Northeast from their electoral game plan. I couldn’t believe it. So I arranged to retire in time to work for the 2004 Campaign and prove that ALL America is Bush country. After surviving the World Trade Center on 9/11, I dropped all my plans to join the struggle against “terrorism.” But by March 2003 I realized that something was wrong, that it was all a fraud. Still, I stayed loyal, thinking: no, it’s me, not them; they know what they are doing. But I soon realized what a fraud it all was because friends in DoD and Dos and NSC were leaking to me what a fraud it all was.

    With time, I came to realize what a horror the Rove Machine is. But I also realized that it was far worse; the problem was a lot more Americans than Rove, Americans that suffered from the “ain’t my kid going to Iraq” disconnect syndrome,” willing to see the other guy go fight in Iraq intelligence blind, killing and being killed, so they back home could get cheap oil to fill-er-up their SUVs. NOW MY BATTLE WASN’T WITH GW BUSH BUT WITH ***AMERICANS*** IN GENERAL BECAUSE IT IS THEY WHO LET 9/11 BE AN EXCUSE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CONSTITUTION THAT SO MANY GENERATIONS DIED TO PRESERVE FOR POSTERITY– LIKE WHAT MY ADOPTED BLACK AMERICAN DAD WHO FOUGHT IN KOREA HAD FOUGHT FOR.



    And so, as I listened to Obama today calling for “unity” produced by SEEING each other from within eachother’s eyes, I realized that he was calling for an end to HISTORICAL EXCUSES, be they hate of whites for slavery and racism or hate of Muslims for 9/11, so that we could unite to save our country rather than selfishly deplete it in an economic jungle of non-productive shyster “entrepreneurs”– the French word that means THE TAKER IN BETWEEN. In fear of Islam we abrogated caring for each other– whether Muslim-Americans, victims of fear, or soldiers sent in repeated tour after tour to fight intel blind in Iraq. Obama is calling for us all to stop fearing each other and to unite as one people, helping each other. America was made by good Samaritans and good neighbors, he insisted, and over the decades we expanded our generosity to include more and more of us in our American compassion….Obama was crying out for unity to reverse the current jungle entrepreneurship by which we can no longer see eachother’s pain and eachother’s tears. And this he said before both blacks, the victims, and whites, the perpetrators; before poor, the victims, and the rich, the perpetrators. This, insists Obama, IS THE GREAT AMERICAN TRADITION OF COMPASSION OF NEIGHBOR FOR NEIGHBOR. And so, calling for a return to the tradition of neighbor joining with neighbor– instead of a revolutionary new violation of this tradition through more freedom for the taker in between (the entrepreneur) to prey on his weaker fellow American– makes Obama THE REAL COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE, calling on us to return to our roots of compassion instead of to the Rove Republicans’ corrupt conspiracy of the few using absolute power to bleed the many.

    Rove, on the other hand, spoke as if this were 2004, when the Republicans controlled the Presidency, the Congress and the Senate. In 2006, the American people said: “enough!” They felt shame, they felt uncomfortable with the “entrepreneurial” law of the jungle. They saw that greed makes smart men into fools and makes the incompetent rise to the top. Yet in introducing Rove at the RNC Conference I saw on C-Span tonight, the Republican mechanic spoke as if all it takes to win in 2008 is for the RNC’s professional mechanics to organize and, with money from the entrepreneurial carnivores, they could capture the lemmings, even while stalking them, running them down and devouring them. Rove spoke of the Dems as wanting to raise taxes on American families in a fit of governmental one-size-fits-all health care that is fiscally irresponsible while surrendering national security to “Islamo-fascism.” In other words, Rove thought Americans too stupid to realize how he and his fellow RNC mechanics drowned America in BUSHIT for the last seven years. He didn’t care how on to him we all are, for all that was needed is for the RNC mechanics to get together and line up the lemmings for the slaughter. His speech before the RNC this week was EXACTLY like his speech before the RNC during the 2006 Congressional campaign. It didn’t matter that the Republicans lost Congress then. To him it is all particle physics; to him we are each mere molecules in Brownian motion, going from solid to liquid and onto gas, depending on the controlled temperature he and his mechanics impose on us. He and the other RNC mechanics, HE INSISTS, are physics technician that convert matter from one state to another at will, based on the thermodynamic energy in campaign funds and organization they infuse in us.

    Rove is a psychopath who cannot live outside the “architect’s world” he created in his own political mechanic mind. He is a sociopath who could care less about the pain and death he causes. He is not shaken up, he is not sorry. He is only enraged by his failure to control. This is the mechanic serving the RNC entrepreneurial carnivores. This is the kind of YAFers I came to know decades ago– now all grown up, they too became Rove’s mechanics….NOT REAGAN’S DISCIPLES, FOR REAGAN WAS A COMPASSIONATE MAN WHO CARED ABOUT PEOPLE AND, EVEN AS PRESIDENT, NEVER THOUGHT HIMSELF ABOVE ANYONE. Before my dad died he said: “Reagan made me a pauper, but I love that man.” Though they never met, after my dad died, Reagan sent my mom a long personal letter of condolences. SO ROVE IS NO REAGANITE, HE IS ***TOTAL BUSHIT***. BUT WHILE BUSH IS A SPOILED BRAT WHO CAN’T UNDERSTAND REAL WORLD SUFFERING AND CAN’T SEE BEYOND HIS OWN REFLECTION IN THE WHITE HOUSE MIRRORS, ROVE IS A MAN WHO SEES ALL THE SUFFERING AND ALL THE PAIN AND SAIS: SO WHAT, I STILL CAN DUPE THEM ENOUGH TO PULL OFF ANOTHER ELECTORAL COUP…IT’S ALL HEARTLESS MECHANICS AND WE ARE ALL QUANTIFIABLE PARTICLES! That’s not Reagan, that’s not compassionate conservatism. That’s sociopathic schizophrenia, like all the “mechanics” bred and raised by College Republicans!

    In contrast, Obama spoke, not just like Martin Luther King, but like Jesus Christ; for he called for FORGIVING each other so we can see each other instead of blindly blaming each other. That’s the PREREQUISITE, said Obama, to UNITY and REAL Compassionate Conservatism– the real– DEMOCRAT TYPE– compassionate conservatism that the Founding Fathers used to create America; that America was fueled by in absorbing the wretched tired and poor that washed full of HOPE upon its shores, people like me. It’s no accident that my “American Father” was a black man in Harlem. Instead of hate for “whitey” he felt compassion for a poor wretched foreigner that washed upon HIS shores. Obama is asking for no less. And in disciplined Christianity– no, he is not a Muslim as FOXNEWS tried to insinuate to generate hate against him– he tells us that TOGETHER we can crash the walls of despair that have grown around us, just as TOGETHER, led my Martin Luther King, we crumbled the walls that enslaved black Americans for so long.

    So, Republican or Democrat, whenever you rise to take a stand in the course of this 2008 electoral campaign, the first and most important question you must answer is: ARE YOU A PREDATORY SOCIOPATHIC MECHANIC LIKE ROVE– seeking to polarize us into a 51%-49% wedge majority of frightened entrepreneurial predators– OR A COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE LIKE OBAMA– seeking to unite us in a common struggle to save America’s tradition of saving ALL Americans?

    I weep tears of hope, particularly on this day devoted to Martin Luther King, because Obama has liberated me from tears of despair forced on me by Rove’s RNC mechanics and the Democrat Rove wanna-bes, indeed in both parties. God bless you Obama, you did an old man good today. Thank you.

    Daniel E. Teodoru

  5. Several indications in Wash DC and Baghdad circles
    lead me to expect an “October Surprise” from GW Bush
    as a result of the Iraq “troops surge.” Anyone
    studying the temporal correlations between radical
    Bush step backwards, disentangling the US a little bit
    more from Iraq, and upcoming 2004 and 2006 US national
    elections will recall that there is much precedent for
    the heads-up White House staff provided this week in
    suggesting that before he leaves office Bush’s
    popularity polls will– speaking to relatively where
    they are now– skyrocket to over 45%. What would make
    this possible is yet another illusion of “Mission
    Accomplished.” This time, it is a real possibility,
    would Bush be willing to impose limits on the “bottom
    line” of those who pushed him into war for their
    personal gain.

    Just as Bush suddenly opened his cavernous cranium to
    the idea of “more boots on the ground” after
    harvesting total chaos from five years of war in
    Iraq– having nothing to lose after a catastrophic
    2006 Congressional election– he now accepts that an
    Iraq solution is only part of a Middle East solution.
    This requires first and foremost recognition that 9/11
    happened because of Bill Clinton’s almost pathological
    belief that he can politically finesse it so that he
    could have it both ways politically on any issue and
    so would never have to make a stark– and politically
    costly– decision. Thus, brilliance was squandered
    over eight years trying NOT to have to make painful

    The character of Clinton’s Mideast policies was indeed
    “immobilisme” as the sum total of his: yes, but on the
    other hand, no….However, unable to top the golden
    opportunities for peace provided him by Carter and
    Bush 41, he just coasted on the residue good will from
    the region’s condition, terrorism not withstanding,
    until a sense of history hit him and he became
    determined in the last minute of his term to pull off
    a take-off in the Middle East and win a Nobel Prize
    with which to cover the cum-spot on Monica’s dress and
    on his Presidency.

    For every radical action that brought great hope to
    one side of the Mideast Crisis, he did something
    radical to assuage the other side. In the end, he had
    both the neocons and alQaeda out to do him in.

    As one guided into the presidency by Prince Bandra,
    the Saudi Ambassador, per Poppy Bush’s request of the
    Prince, GW decided to focus on grand geostrategic
    issues such as surrounding China and coming to terms
    with Russia and Europe. As a result of disregard by
    two administrations, Clinton and Bush, binLaden sought
    attention by sponsoring a second attack on the World
    Trade Center.

    This attack was based on two assumptions: (1)security
    against skyjacking had so deteriorated in US
    jetliners, that by ridding First Class, the
    presumptive-shahids would always be able to see the
    inside of the pilot’s cabin as the door was ALWAYS
    open in VIOLATION of Federal rules. Even after dry
    runs, the airlines never bothered to tighten security;
    that just ate into their profits. (2) So preoccupied
    with great powers conflicts was the US that it would
    never do more than the proforma anti-US terror
    reactions of the Clinton Administration. binLaden, we
    now know, believed that Bush would be stopped from
    serious assault on Muslim lands by the very Arab
    leaders the US depended on for a constant cascade of
    oil….hence binLaden’s insistence that terrorism
    never be directed at the oil wells.

    9/11 backfired as binLaden had totally misread Bush.
    And that would have been the end of binLaden and
    alQaeda, were it not for a basically intelligent man
    turned into an idiot by avarice for the presidency,
    Donald Rumsfeld, and his faithful dog, Dick Cheney.
    Refusing the SecDef post, when offered to him in 2000,
    because he wanted to be CIA Chief, Rumsfeld was
    massaged by the neocons into taking the job, running a
    clean fast and oil rewarded war against Iraq and then
    reaping the benefits of neocon cash and connections to
    become President in 2004. No one could avoid believing
    that, through the Bush Administration, Rumsfeld was to
    be the object of God’s wrath, given his fate and that
    of his war until he left government in 2006.

    But Bush, with secret help from Poppy’s friends,
    turned Rumsfeld and Cheney into zombies and literally
    embalmed the neocons. Their fate, resulting from their
    later denunciations of Bush, only bespoke of Rove’s
    amazing ability to inflict pocks and pustules on all
    who turn on Bush. The neocons to this day walk about
    looking like Job, thanks to Rove. If it is true, as
    some have claimed, that Job suffered from Syphilis,
    then one could really insist that the neocons got
    “screwed” by Rove. Not only did Rumsfeld disappear
    into the darkness, but Cheney also was rendered
    invisible in the light.

    But Bush had no way of reversing the utter
    recklessness which he had been blackmailed into
    acquiescing to on Iraq. His solution was to use the
    power of the Oval Office exactly as he used booze: to
    block access of bad news to his consciousness during
    the limited time of the day when it was awake.

    It is very hard to concoct an argument for some sort
    of “change” in Bush’s surge strategy. In fact, he
    benefited from all the catastrophes that befell
    previous Western ventures in the so-called Third
    World. Our COIN success, the PRTs and the “more boots”
    tactics of Petraeus bespeak command mediocrity allowed
    independence from imbecilic civilian rule (as under
    Rumsfeld). Five years later, we do a few things that
    reverse our failures– but not by design but by
    desperation and limitations due to lack of assets.

    (A)With most of our vehicles blown to bits by IEDs, we
    resorted to foot patrols. With the “surge” the
    distance between outposts became short enough so they
    could cover each other.

    (B)With a catastrophic drop in enlistments, soldiers
    were forced to do repeat tours in Iraq. As a result,
    US soldiers acquired a “blend in” gone-native skill
    that made them other than the intel blind
    shoot-at-everything-that-moves trigger pullers they
    had been over the first five years of the Iraq War. We
    saw this in Vietnam too where CAP and MAT teams would
    live with the peasants in the Viet Cong dominated
    villages, turning them into self-defense forces that
    rejected Hanoi’s land collectivization policies.
    Similarly, many Anbar Province Sunni tribes accepted
    US advisers enabling them to reject radical Sharia.

    (C)In the cities, someone must have realized that the
    enemy is not really the enemy. For example, during the
    Indochina War of France against the Viet Minh
    Stalinists, Gen. Chanson’s expeditionary force
    destroyed the Communist infrastructure and made the
    countryside even more secure than under the US. But
    what the French failed to appreciate is the “piaster
    scandal” by which the French occupation was funding
    Asia wide piaster traffic and criminal gangs in the
    cities and how strong it made the gangs. Finally, it
    was gangsters that killed Gen. Chanson, not the Viet
    Minh Communists. But in Baghdad, the US forces that
    had spend five years clumsily trying to play Shi’ite
    factions (Sadr vs. Hakim) and Sunnis, one against the
    other, in hope of erecting a puppet government that
    would legitimize our great oil suck and bases, sought
    to end the killing of Americans by stationing its
    troops as a sort of roving constabulary while dividing
    up the city between the various militia; the latter,
    in turn, would kill criminals instead of each other.
    Thus, Petraeus can walk the streets without the same
    chance of assassination as faced Gen. Chanson of the
    French Expeditionary Forces in Indochina.

    (D)Squeezed between the Arab Iraqis and the Turks, the
    Kurdish gangsters can no longer expect to run Mosul
    and Kirkuk. Instead, their Peshmerga militias will
    have to integrate with the Shia and Sunni militias as
    they are doing in Baghdad under Petraeus. That this is
    inevitable is proven by the British withdrawal from
    Basra in the South. If democracy is the standard, then
    the British war in the South was a total failure. But
    in demanding that the militias clean up their act,
    going after criminal gangs instead of after each
    other, to gradually develop some sort of political
    order, the British have bought quite a bit for their
    mere withdrawal.

    (E)Iraqi fatigue after so much war for so long is
    certainly a factor. But far more important is the
    joint Arab-Iranian demand of Bush on his visit: you
    made such manure of the Middle East, so why don’t you
    provide us with an American overflow force, just in
    case we decide to go after each other’s throats, in
    return for which we’ll give you oil and buy your war
    toys at over-valued prices. Ironically, in exchange
    for a magical NIE that defined Iran as no longer a
    nuclear threat to be attacked, Bush got himself an end
    to Iran’s interference in Iraq.

    (F)Israel feels very much abandoned, especially given
    how it started a terror war from the air against
    Lebanon at Bush’s request. But Olmert– unlike Bush–
    chose to value to lives of Israelis over his political
    career, so he ended it without the expected attack
    Lebanon–>Syria–>Iran, to justify the US jumping in
    to save Israel by pulverizing Iran. As a result, Bush
    had no choice but to accept an Iranian truce in Iraq
    instead of a war for the nukes. Annapolis is merely an
    attempt to give Palestinians hope so they would not
    turn to Hamas as a way of cutting off your nose to
    spite your face out of rage over how miserable is
    their lot. If nothing else, it signals a Quartet
    reinvestment in Gaza and Israel paying off on the
    billions of $$$ it will get in what’s left of the Bush
    term so long as it acts humane towards the

    One may denounce all this as a house of cards. But it
    is a house of cards into which everyone in the region
    is invested. Is this an act of Bush brilliance we had
    underestimated? I would rather recall what a great
    popular science writer once said: if you put three
    monkeys to bang each at a typewriter (much as I am
    doing now) into infinity, you are bound to come up
    with the play-script of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In the
    same way, random proteins from space assembled
    themselves to create life. Is it “intelligent design”?
    I can’t say but I am sure GW Bush will insist that it
    all is.

    Daniel E. Teodoru

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