Blogging blues

April 12, 2007

Exams, final projects, term papers…I could blame these for the last eight days of silence.

I just hit some type of wall I think..is there such a thing as blogger’s block?

And it’s not like I haven’t been staying on top of the news coming out of Iraq and D.C….
perhaps too much..

I’m embarrassed when people talk about compassion fatigue. They are usually the well-off and content, who don’t want their “beautiful minds” distraught by visions of children starving in the third world or bombed corpses lined up on the streets of Dar-fur or Baghdad.

We are lucky to live in country where there is relative peace and prosperity. Sometimes, we overstate this peace. Here in Boston, we’ve had 17 homicides this year and have been nominated the most dangerous state in the Northeast.

Nevertheless, we should enjoy life and the prosperity we are blessed with in this country. We should also remember those who have fought to secure the freedoms we enjoy. I also believe we can only enjoy those freedoms and blessings if we are very aware of the stark difference between the opulence we enjoy and the poverty of much of the rest of the world. I think this only leads to anxiety and guilt if one has done nothing to help those who are less fortunate, here at home or abroad.

Yet the past couple days as I’ve sat down to write about the latest bombing in Baghdad, or the Sadr led anti-U.S. protests, or the continuing bickering in D.C., or today the announcement of tour extensions for troops and then the bombing in the Parliament…I find myself at a loss..

Perhaps it was the accusation from jcrue that I seemed to enjoy relating the bad news about the war. Do I? I wish I could focus on the silver lining of the dark cloud that hangs over the Middle East.

Or perhaps it’s another phase in the frustration I’ve felt in writing about this far off war, only visible through the filter of the MSM and the mirrors of the blogospheres.

But in the end, my self-pity makes me even more disgusted with myself, especially when I think of all those who have died in Iraq since I began this blog, or when I think about the military families who have sacrificed their loved ones for this war.

I hold no delusions about what this blog is. But I do think I’ve had an original thought or two. Maybe made a connection that wasn’t apparent to others..

Anyway, I pledge to renew my efforts, keeping in mind all those who have no voice… all those who suffer….



  1. No, I understand what you mean. Feeling as if this is a hopeless cause. It’s not that you enjoy relating the bad news of the war…there just doesn’t seem to be that much good news coming from there…despite what Senator McCain would like to think.

    I agree with your thoughts of appreciating what we have. Every day, people whine and complain about petty insecurities and issues that in the long run, don’t really matter much. Maybe we don’t all support the war, because of the faulty intelligence that led us there, or the seemingly endless aspect of it, but I believe that we should support each and every troop that has bravely gone overseas to protect our rights.

    We wouldn’t be able to live as comfortably as we do in our bubble if it weren’t for them.

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